Meet the board! Left to right: Patrick Moran, Dayna Boyer, Joyann Callender, Melissa Sariffodeen, and Olivia Scobie.

Meet the board! Left to right: Patrick Moran, Dayna Boyer, Joyann Callender, Melissa Sariffodeen, and Olivia Scobie.

The Kitchen Library is Closed!

The Kitchen Library is essentially just like a regular library but instead of lending books we lend stand mixers, juicers, dehydrators, pasta makers, and about 100 other appliances. We’re Canada’s first non-profit library of kitchen appliances!

We believe that income and space shouldn’t be barriers to healthy eating and home cooking, that’s why we offer cooking/baking workshops as well as the equipment you need to prepare meals at home.

Dayna Boyer, Founder & Executive Director

Dayna Boyer photo2I started out a million miles away from the sharing economy about 10 years ago with an exciting but unsteady career in journalism and then transitioned to a steady but unexciting career in marketing. In 2013 I had a lightbulb moment when I wanted a juicer and quickly launched Canada’s first library of kitchen appliances, The Kitchen Library. Since then I’ve been featured on local and national media for my work in the sharing economy and am still finding it weird to be on this side of the media, but I’m getting used to it.

In 2013 I was also accepted into The Centre for Social Innovation’s Agents of Change program and  haven’t looked back since!

For media inquiries, to learn about creating your own Kitchen Library, or just to chat, my inbox is always open: dayna@thekitchenlibrary.ca


Anna Carey, Toronto Chapter Lead

With a background in public libraries and community education, I’m passionate about building strong, engaged communities with active relationships between residents and resources, whether those are businesses, organizations, or just our neighbours. I love helping people make connections in their homes and neighbourhoods, and because food is so tied in with our cultural and personal identities, I’ve always found that sharing meals is one of the most profound ways of expressing ourselves and sharing with those around us.

By increasing access to tools that help people explore and experiment with food, the Kitchen Library helps offer more people a seat at the table, and I’m excited to be part of that. It’s my hope that through my new role and by building connections along the way, I and my fellow members of Toronto’s sharing economy can work toward encouraging greater inclusivity and outreach so that everyone gets a place at the table.

To discuss potential partnerships, workshops, membership, or just to chat about the Kitchen Library, get in touch: toronto@thekitchenlibrary.ca.

Olivia Scobie, Chair, The Kitchen Library Board

Olivia pic

I have a love affair with both  kitchens and libraries, so when the possibility to support the sharing economy by involving myself with The Kitchen Library came my way, I jumped on it. I bring my skills as a coach and facilitator to the workshops and volunteer program and love to discuss new ideas (ideally over great coffee in a kitchen, of course), so please feel free to reach out: oscobie@gmail.com!