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The Kitchen Library is just like a regular library but instead of lending books we lend stand mixers, juicers, dehydrators, pasta makers, and a variety of other appliances. We’re Canada’s first non-profit library of kitchen appliances!

We believe that income and space shouldn’t be barriers to healthy eating and home cooking, that’s why we offer cooking/baking workshops as well as the equipment you need to prepare meals at home.

Fact Sheet

1st location: October 2014 (currently given space by Living City Health)
2nd location: November 2015 (given space by the Centre for Social Innovation)
Membership pricing: $9/month or $15 for one-time loan
Loan period: 7 days
Able to reserve appliances in advance: Yes
Popular appliances: Fall – canners & dehydrators, Winter – stand mixers & pasta makers, Spring – juicers, Summer – ice cream makers
Total # of appliances in the inventory: 91

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Kitchen Library founder, Dayna Boyer started out a million miles away from the sharing economy about 10 years ago with a career in journalism and communications. Inspired by the amazing work of The Toronto Tool Library, in 2013 she began building The Kitchen Library inventory in her living room, which now currently resides inside Living City Health (120 Eglinton Ave East). She’s a proud graduate of The Centre for Social Innovation’s Agents of Change program and looks forward to expanding The Kitchen Library across Canada (and eventually the world!). 



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Contact info

Dayna Boyer
Founder/Executive Director