Appliance spotlight: Actifry

Posted By on Jun 29, 2015 |


By Anna Carey

Do you have a weakness for fried food? You’re not alone! Unfortunately, I’ve always found the mess and oil from using a deep fryer at home too much for me, but the Actifry might be just the solution we’ve been looking for.

With as little as a single tablespoon of oil, the Actifry turns out everything from crispy, delicious French fries to healthy root vegetable chips, sausages, shawarma, and even homemade granola!

Thanks to rotation and an evenly-distributed 338F temperature, meals, sides, and treats will be evenly cooked just the way you want them, without ever needing to be submerged in hot oil or fat. And many non-fried recipes that require a good deal of stirring and even heat to turn out properly can benefit from the rotation and circulating air in the Actifry. As a bonus, it doesn’t need to be preheated, so it can save some energy and help avoid heating up your kitchen for many of the foods you might usually make on the stovetop or in the oven.

Among the nice things about the Actifry is that it allows you to use most types of oil or fat, in small amounts, and therefore allows for a wider variety of flavors than traditional frying. You can get creative: duck fat potato wedges or coconut oil stir fry are equally possible, as you need only a teaspoon or two of fats to evenly coat your ingredients. Actifry lovers have thriving communities sharing recipes on the TFAL website, Facebook, and Pinterest, and there are hundreds of ideas from all kinds of cuisines.

The biggest issue Actifry lovers have is that it is bulky and takes up space, and is tough to fit into a small kitchen. Luckily, you can borrow one from The Kitchen Library.