Appliance spotlight: Vitamix

Posted By on Jan 27, 2015 |

 Oh it’s not just a blender. It’s a Vitamix.

It’s like a celebrity among appliances. 

It can blend a freaking iPhone into a soup!

If I sound like a huge fangirl about this, it’s because I am. In late 2013 we applied for a grant through the Carrot Cache to buy some new appliances to add to our inventory, and we got it! So we sent a survey to all of our members asking them what appliance they wanted and this majestic blender was #1.

This blending beauty not only makes beautifully smooth smoothies, but it can blend fast enough to make soup. Plus it can also be used as a food processor (so that’s one less appliance you need to carry home with you from the library!). I’ve made everything from smoothies to peanut butter in this bad boy. And it came with a HUGE binder of recipes, which you can also borrow, of course.

Not convinced? Swing by the library and try it out for yourself.