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Sugar-Free: Done and done

Posted By on Feb 1, 2015

I did it! One whole month of no sugar (including fruit, artificial sugars, maple syrup/agave, etc.). And I’m so glad I did this. I admit, the first two weeks were rough but the last two were a breeze and nothing felt out of the ordinary except for all the benefits I started noticing. Benefits I’ve noticed: Clearer skin Less stomach bloat Lower grocery bill Cleaner apartment (because I cleaned to distract myself from...

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Appliance spotlight: Vitamix

Posted By on Jan 27, 2015

 Oh it’s not just a blender. It’s a Vitamix. It’s like a celebrity among appliances.  It can blend a freaking iPhone into a soup! If I sound like a huge fangirl about this, it’s because I am. In late 2013 we applied for a grant through the Carrot Cache to buy some new appliances to add to our inventory, and we got it! So we sent a survey to all of our members asking them what appliance they wanted and...

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Sugar-Free: Home Stretch

Posted By on Jan 26, 2015

One more week to go! I must have been way more addicted to sugar than I thought because everyone warned me that the first couple of days would be rough, but those “couple of days” lasted the first 2 weeks of this no sugar challenge! And then suddenly *poof*, no more night time cravings (ahem and tantrums). Instead I’ve started to crave things like grapes, mangoes, dates, and oranges (oh my gosh, I want all the...

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 Cold-press juicing is all the rage right now and I totally get it! But man, am I tired of seeing cold-pressed juice being sold in fancy packaging at an extraordinarily inflated price. This is the appliance that started it at all for me. I get it, I didn’t want to drop $300-$600 on a cold-press juicer either. And now we have two available for you to borrow! I can’t rave enough about the Omega juicer and GreenStar...

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 When we were at VegFest this year this little gadget caused quite a stir.  If you’re new to spiralizing, prepare to be blown away. The spiralizer is a low tech machine available to borrow that turns vegetables into noodle-shapes (see the three different sizes in the photos). So for instance instead of eating plain ol’ pasta you can spiralize a zucchini or a carrot and use that as your base instead, it goes so...

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