Free (canning) pot!

Posted By on May 12, 2016 |

 Ta da! After searching high and low in the city, we finally found this beauty to lend FOR FREE from our Regent Park location. 

Why a canning pot?
Like knitting, canning is an artform that’s been making a comeback lately. Canning enables people to eat healthy all year long, which we love. But learning to can — jams, jellies, pickled veggies, and other preserves — puts you in charge of the ingredients going into your food at a fraction of the cost you’d buy these same items at the grocery store.

And if canning isn’t your jam (see what we did there?), this pot can be used for big batch cooking — soups, stews, sauces, etc.

How can I borrow this item for free? 
Come on in to CSI Regent Park (585 Dundas St. E, 3rd floor) on Thursdays 12pm-7pm. All we need is your contact info and the pot is all yours for 7 days. Easy peasy!

Happing cooking!