Sharing is the new owning

Posted By on Jul 15, 2014 |

DSC_0297 I have to admit, I started The Kitchen Library because of a juicer. I couldn’t justify spending $300 on one and giving up some of my precious counter space. Did I mention I live in a 425 sq ft apartment with a boyfriend and a dog? So space is a highly coveted resource in our household.

But now (thanks to The Kitchen Library) I have access to more kitchen appliances than I could even dream of (did you notice that chocolate fountain in the background?!). Most of it is all thanks to the lovely people who donated them.

So what else could we put in a library?

Lisa Gansky, author of The Mesh pointed out that there’s a sweet spot for resources you can share, which goes a little something like this:

1. Expensive
2. Infrequently used

So, an infrequently used item (like a flashlight) wouldn’t be a good item for a library. And an expensive item (like an iPad) also wouldn’t be good for a library. But how about a stand mixer? Or a power sander? Or a tent? Or a car? But let’s not stop here!

Other library ideas:

– Camping Library
– Toy Library
– Music Library
– Art Library
– Bike Library

Guys, let’s make Toronto the city of libraries! Who’s with me?