The only food blogs you’ll ever need

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There are very few things I can say I liked before they were cool, but I can say that I’ve been following these bloggers since before they had cookbooks (hey, in the food world that makes me cool!).

There are a couple of things that attract me to food blogs so you can be guaranteed that all of these blogs have beautiful food photography, friendly writing style, common ingredients, and recipes I feel confident tackling (ie. not too many steps).

Oh She Glow by Angela Liddon

This is by far my favourite food blog! Angela’s photography is stunning and will totally inspire you to run to the kitchen and start experimenting. My old co-workers bought me her cookbook as a going away present and it was instantly filled with post-it notes of things I want to try.

If you only try one recipe: Homemade Rolo Knock-Offs

Choosing Raw by Gena Hamshaw

This is the food blog I’ve been reading the longest, I feel like I’ve been tweeted by a celebrity whenever she replies to me! Not all of her recipes are raw but there’s a definite focus on raw eating, but it’s very welcoming and super thrilling to find raw substitutes for old favourites. This blog inspired me to overhaul my diet and really pay attention to how food makes me feel.

If you only try one recipe: Raw Chocolate Avocado Pudding

The Minimalist Baker by John and Dana

I’m new to this blog but us Dana/Dayna’s have to stick together, amirite? Nothing draws me to a food blog more than minimal ingredients combined with very few steps and then pow delicious meal. We’re on the same page, my foodie friends.

If you only try one recipe: Vegan Gluten Free Black Bean Brownies

My New Roots by Sarah Britton

I’m so in awe of Sarah. I have no idea how she makes such incredible culinary creations, plus finds the time to work on this blog, launch a cookbook, have a family, and probably a life at some point. She will introduce you to and give you the courage to try new ingredients. Plus, taking a wander through her blog is such an experience; her photography is just stunning.

If you only try one recipe: The Life-Changing Loaf of Bread

I Am A Food Blog by Stephanie Le

For anyone who’s ever had the, I-can-do-that attitude when it comes to food this is a food blog for you. Stephanie likes to put fun twists on classic recipes and that fun feeling is carried out throughout her blog. I looove that she makes me feel confident to take an old school recipe and add my own flare to it.

If you only try one recipe: Slow Scrambled Eggs (this will seriously change your egg game)

Chocolate Covered Katie by Katie Higgins

Me and Katie would probably be friends in real life, because as you can tell, I have a thing for desserts (and so does she!). Lucky for me, I have all of these fantastic bloggers to show me how to make desserts a little healthier. I also have a soft spot for experimenting with oatmeal, so much that I can’t even pick one of these so try all of them!

If you only try one recipe: All the Oatmeal Recipes : )