Things we need

Posted By on Dec 20, 2015 |


As someone who hates clutter and shopping, I consider myself a minimalist. Which works well in the teeny tiny apartment I share with my fiancé, dog, and cat. These minimalist values, of course have been absorbed into The Kitchen Library’s mission and it guides our decision-making process as an organization.

However from time-to-time we need certain items but purchasing these things just doesn’t jive with our values (or our teeny tiny budget). So we’re crossing all of our fingers and our toes and hoping someone out there can help make these three wishes come true:

1.  A tablet. I’ve discovered that paying via Paypal is a pain in the butt for new members and there’s this cool gadget called Square that would let people pay for memberships using their credit cards. Unfortunately Square only works with these devices and these devices certainly don’t work with our budget. If you have an extra one kicking around, email me:

2. A canning pot. In order to accommodate all income levels at our 2nd location in Regent Park, I want to offer an appliance people can borrow for free. Why a canning pot? Well, they’re large and take up a lot of space, they can be used for big batch cooking, and if you don’t know how to can you can learn a new skill using it. If you have a canning pot you’re willing to donate, just drop it off during any of our open hours after the holidays.

3. An illustrator. We would love to illustrate the “How It Works” page to make it easy to understand and accessible to people who aren’t fluent in English. This is actually something I wish we had the budget to pay for because we want to support creative professionals and their businesses. If you’re an illustrator interested in donating your time and skill to The Kitchen Library please reach out to